Testimonials from home owners

Mr Manning – Home owner in Cornwall

Our client is a private home owner who had installed a ground source heat pump with a company that had ceased trading. He had registerd his application for RHI which would have been paid against the default seasonal performance figure (SPF) of 2.5.  However, we were able to carry out detailed designs to show that the actual SPF was considerably higher.

By partnering an accredited MCS installer, we were able to submit his application, which was approved against the new SPF of 3.1,   this equates to an additional £2500 in RHI payments over the seven year term.

Dear Mr Johnson,
I would like to express my appreciation for your help and advice in the provision of an SPF recalculation for my ground source heat pump system. Your help and calculations have allowed me to obtain the requisite MCS number for my system and successfully make a legacy application for the domestic RHI with a modified SPF.
Your service was prompt and efficient, and is to be commended, thanks again.
Yours sincerely
Paul Manning.