beama heat pump manefestoBEAMA have launched their manefesto which clearly spells out the problems facing the UK heat pump market and what action they would like to see the new government take.

Stating that since the domestic RHI was anounced in 2009 ground source heat pump sales have actually fallen year on year and after an initial rise 2014 also saw a fall in air source heat pump sales.

Blaming unnecessary red tape they state that 77% of MCS registered ground source and 52% of MCS registered air source installers have not installed a single heat pump.

They also argue that the RHI tariff is unduly weighted towards biomass.

Whilst we are in favour of reducing red tape, for example in our opinion a green deal assessment is an  additional cost for home owners with a very small benefit, we do urge caution to ensure that good design criteria is not watered doen in favour of a quick win.

We are here to provide a very cost effective solution to installers weighed down my the mountain of red tape.

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