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Below is a nice video produced by Windhager to show the principle operation of a wood pellet burner. This system features an external fuel store and a vacuum fuel feed

Biomass Technical Library

Why not check out our library, over the years we have collected a great collection of technical documents from a number of manufacturers

We are probably all aware of biomass heating in one form or another. The camp fire built from a few twigs and sticks is a biomass heater, as is the roaring log fire found in many a country pub.  However, biomass boilers as taken within the terms of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme are far more sophisticated.

Biomass, in this case is generally categorised as wood logs, wood chips and wood pellets biomass boilers generally have an automatic feed system typically an auger or a vacuum, which deliver the correct amount of fuel as required.

Biomass systems are low carbon based on the assumption that the carbon released during burning, is equivalent to the carbon absorbed during the life of the tree. They cannot be truly carbon neutral unless you are able to burn the trees in your own back garden without any processing.

Just like all renewable energy systems, biomass is ideal for some properties and not so good for others, for example biomass boilers produce high temperature hot water, ideal for old properties with radiators. They need a fuel store, so not so good for apartments on the fifth floor of an inner city building.

It is important to store the fuel correctly so as to maintain the correct low moisture content whilst at the same time preventing unwanted combustion.

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