Property owners

We are often asked…


Why do I get such different quotations and specifications from installers?


Doesn’t the MCS scheme level the playing field?


Why do the estimates say ‘subject to detailed design’?

Our typical clients want to know exactly what they are buying, what the environmental benefits are, what the running costs are and what the financial returns are before they commit to purchase a whole new heating system.

We carry out the detailed design work every MCS acreddited installer has to.

We do it before you commit to buying a renewable energy system.

We are completely independent (we actively reject commission offers) so we can design a system which meets your requirements not one tied to a manufacturer, supplier or installer.


 Why should I pay for design

when the installer will do it for free?


Simply because your installer doesn’t design the system for free.

Your installer has to spend the same amount of time preparing designs as we do (in many cases it will take them longer because they only do a few a year, we do them all the time).

Most installers do not itemise out design cost in your quotation, but cost of sale and design will be included, in their margins, if they worked for free they wouldn’t be in business for long.

We should also stress that all of our work is carrried out under our profesional indemnity insurance, so if you ask your installer to adopt our designs, the design work remains under our profesional indemnity insurance.  providing peace of mind for both you and your installer.