microgeneration consultancy services

With over 15 years experience in the renewable heating energy industry we provide:

Independent and unbiased advice and design services for home owners

MCS compliant design services to MCS accredited installers

Design support to help manufactures support their installers

A source of information and technical documentation to anybody with an interest in

heat pumps, biomass or solar thermal

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air source heat pumps

collect renewable energy from the air,
they are very efficient at heating
they can qualify for renewable heat incentive

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ground source heat pumps

harvest renewable heat from the ground
they are one of the most efficient heaters available
they can qualify for renewable heat incentive
they have to be designed correctly

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solar thermal

collects heat directly from the sun
provides hot water
is simple to install
can qualify for renewable heat incentive

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biomass boilers

are great for existing buildings
have a very low carbon footprint
can qualify for renewable heat incentive

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We have many years experience with air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass.

Our designs meet the criteria of the UK government backed Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

We can assist you to apply for Renewable Heat Incentive Payments (RHI).



If you share our passion for the environment, appreciate good design and like no nonsense straight talking then we would love to help you with your projects.


Air Source

Air source heat pumps, provide a cost effective and reliable means of heating your home. However, they do need to be correctly specified to ensure they provide sufficient heat when required.

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Ground Source

Ground source heat pumps are one of the most reliable renewable energy heating systems but care needs to be taken to ensure the ground loop heat exchangers are designed correctly.

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solar thermal icon

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal hot water systems can be a very cost efective way of providing most of your domestic hot water. However, thought needs to be given to system integration.

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biomass icon


Biomass boilers are a low carbon heating system, they are particularly suited to older properties due to their high temperature. Thought should be given to fuel deliveries and storage.

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